Hawksbill Mountain

I have lived in Asheville for about 3 years now and I just recently had the opportunity to visit the Hawksbill Mountain area. Of course I wanted to take some photos at the summit, so I enlisted an adventurous couple and we made a weekend camping trip out of it! We claimed our campsites and did another hike close by before tackling Hawksbill so we could time the sunset just right.


Maybe my legs were tired from the first hike we did, but woah, Hawksbill is steep. The hike is pretty short, but it was a little harder than I expected. There was a good amount of ice and mud that made things a little more difficult, but we were determined. The views definitely did not disappoint and even though it was November the summit wasn’t that cold. We were able to have a few beers while watching the sunset and taking photos every so often.

Kelly took a break to practice her bouldering skills in between photos.

Kelly took a break to practice her bouldering skills in between photos.

All in all I highly recommend Hawksbill if you are looking for a fun quick hike that has incredible views. And if you are looking for some engagement pictures I am down to climb that mountain and make some magic with you!


We ended the night sharing our campsite with a lovely group of guys from Virginia. There were no other campsites and they needed somewhere to pitch their tents. We were a little apprehensive at first but they turned out to be pretty cool. We spent the night eating burgers swapping camping stories and sharing s’mores around a fire.