Blue Ridge Parkway: Katelyn and TJ

This lovely couples/ maternity session was my first session of 2019! We had decided that we wanted some shots on the Blue Ridge Parkway since it was closed and we would be able to walk around without fearing for our lives.


I did as much research as I could with the government being shut down and the old maps of road closures. I found the perfect  spot to hop on the parkway, walk a little bit, get some views and then make it to a tunnel! We were so excited as we started walking.  As we were walking we got to know each other a little more and I discovered that TJ and I were closet fans of the Jersey shore and also learned that there are fantasy leagues for The Bachelor (the TV show). YES you heard me right, you can join a fantasy bachelor league!


We found some great views and the sun was starting to set...but still no sign of that tunnel! I rechecked the maps I had saved on my phone and started to get a little worried. I mean it was getting cold and I had a pregnant lady walking with me up the parkway. We ran into some joggers and asked them how much farther the tunnel was and they literally looked at each other and laughed. They didn't tell me a distance or a time frame they just said you will never make it. Soooooooo needless to say I did not get the tunnel pictures I had hoped for, but I got some super fun shots of these lovebirds and I got to know them on the way, which was the best part.


Things don't always work out, but I think they happen for a reason. We laughed about my navigation skills on the way back down to the car. These two are going to be parents so soon and I am just so excited! That little babe is incredibly lucky to have parents as fun and loving as Katelyn and TJ.